Weather Today 2.2.5


Weather widget that displays the status. Displays the status of the rain and thunder. I prepare to give an indication of sudden thunderstorms. In addition, since a simple easy to use. You can only view information in the pipe so far as Tokyo Electric Power Company. to view the image · weather conditions. You can enlarge the image · weather conditions. Check the latest information on the settings for 30 minute intervals. And choose the display screen area • Set. You can check the latest information • Update button. You can select from five background colors ·. setup screen appears when you tap the top left image ·. The refresh button on the parts of two • Right arrow. Is to enlarge the image near the center tap · weather conditions. the same as widgets to normal. may be performed normally handled by the circumstances of the situation and to retrieve information from communication. • The six minutes to retrieve rain, lightning and change what appears to be a short interval of three minutes for the update is not sure. Tokyo Electric Power (information thunderstorm lightning observation) E-mail: twitter: @ imatenki ( # imatenki) including the latest information and detailed usage has been announced at twitter. You can see the setup screen twitter ※.

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